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CMP HeadQarters & Public Order Management Unit :-

Headquarters Division of CMP is under the Deputy Police Commissioner (Headquarters). This unit is smoothly run by a Deputy Police Commissioner with the help of five Additional Deputy Commissioners, eight Asstt. Police Commissioners and a large number of officers and forces.

Public Order Management Unit of CMP is under the Deputy Police Commissioner (POM). This unit is smoothly run by a Deputy Police Commissioner with  the help of an Additional Deputy Commissioner, an Asstt. Police Commissioner and a large number of officers and forces.


Headquarters and Public Order Management Unit of CMP have to do multifarious jobs. Some of their functions are given below :-

01 :  All matters relating to appointment, departmental examination, promotion, transfer, reward, welfare, pays, pension, service records. Orderly room of personal up to the rank of SI/Armed SI/Sgt of the HQs Division.
02 :  All establishment matters including posting, transfer, promotion, leave, pay and allowance, pension, service records, welfare etc. of the ministerial staff under the HQs Division.
03 :  Ensure efficient administration and function of the SAF police lines, Training Academy, Central Reserve Office, Police Band, Mounted Police, Control Room, Telephone and communication Systems and welfare section.
04 :  Audit the CMP Accounts Section at least once in a month, make periodical inspection and audit to the accounts of the Mounted Police, different accounts of SAP Police Lines. Welfare section and different funds of CMP HQs and report findings to the Commissioner.
05 :  Process proposals for the training requirements, procurement of training aids and devices with a view to transform the academy into a modern and professional learning institute for the police forces.
06 :  Coordinate all matters relating to deployment and disposition of CMP forces and embodiment/disembodiment of the Ansar.
07 :  Initiate ACRs of the officers/personnel under his command.
08 :  Ensure smooth functioning of the Reserve Office of HQs Division.
09 :  Ensure regular roll call, parade, PT and games of the Police Force and attend those regularly.
10 :  Ensure efficient management of the Police Lines and the premises in respect of cleanliness and hygiene, safety and security.
11 :  Ensure logistic support-equipments accessories, transport, uniform etc. to the forces.
12 :  To monitor the medical program of the sick police and official members of CMP admitted in different hospitals and to provide them with financial support if necessary.
13 :  To receive the donation of different humanitarian organizations, institutions and persons and to ensure the implementation of welfare programs by utilizing that donation.
14 :  To have the system to provide blood from the blood bank or by co-ordination of donors  as per the demand from any part of Bangladesh.

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