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About Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP).

Our aim is to make the city safe for all and our mission is to work for a better and safer Chittagong.

Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) came into being on 30 November, 1978. Mr. M.M Sharif Ali the first Commissioner. CMP started its course with 6 police stations along with 3238 forces in 1978. Population of Chittagong City stood to be less than 10, 00,000.

The Metropolitan area itself has increased in shape and size year after year. This increased population and area must of course, call for extended quality service. So modernization and improvement of CMP is a demand of time. This concept led to reshaping CMP in respect of force, size, modernization and organizational structure. The big step towards materializing this process is to establish 16 police stations instead of 6.

 01  :   Recently CMP has come up with a new organogram. Its strength is being expanded with a view to extend its service to all, especially to the helpless people.
 02  :   The logistics support of CMP is being increased, i.e. induction of APCs, water cannons, command vehicles and a big number of police cars.
 03  :   CMP started its journey with 12 police stations in 1976. Now the total number of police station stands to 16.
 04  :   CMP has built up its communication system with the hot number of 999. People can ask for police help from anywhere anytime.
 05  :   CMP has introduced modern traffic signal system.
 06  :   CMP has introduced its website with a view to make the city dwellers aware of its functions and capabilities.
 07  :   CMP has launched online news portal namely-CMP news. Browsing address is-www.CMP
 08  :   CMP has initiated digital salary pay system for forces.
 09  :  

In near future Priest sub- machine gun, Level-3 helmet with video streaming, integrated wireless system etc.  will be included in CMP.

10  :   For future we have plans to include:
 A  .  Short arms instead of long arms
 B  .  Multiple Gas Launchers
 C  .  Mobile Watch Tower
 D  .  Mobile Command Post
 E  .

 Mobile Communication Command Post Level-4

 F  .  Bullet Proof Vest
 G  .  Aerial Surveillance
 H  .  Traffic Prosecution

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